Project: Financial and Operational Improvement and Corporate Development Plan
Financing: EBRD
Duration: Oct. 2006 - to date

The overall objective of this assignment is to improve the commercial standing of the Company through the provision of a comprehensive range of support services, system development, expertise and training to the management and staff of the Company which is required for the enhancement of the Company’s operational and financial performance and institutional transformation of the Company into a well managed Company.

In the first instance, the objective will be to assist the Company to identify and implement the necessary corporate, financial and operational improvements to meet the related covenants included in the EBRD-Loan. This will be achieved via the development and implementation of a Financial and Operational Performance Improvement Plan (“FOPIP”).

Subsequently, the objective will be to assist the Company to develop and implement a medium to long term focused corporate development plan (“CDP”) and corporate planning process (“CPP”), so it may continue its transition towards an entirely commercial operation.

The Scope of Work has been summarised as follows:

A) Development of a FOPIP

1) Corporate development actions
- Control over Assets and Service Agreement
- Organization Development
- Management Information System

2) Financial performance improvement
- Tariff Policy
- Accounting, Budgeting and Cash Management
- Revenue Collection Procedures

3) Operational Performance Improvement
- Operation Efficiency
- Environmental Management
- Public and Customer Relationship

B) Implementation of the FOPIP

C) Development and Implementation of a Corporate Development Plan (CDP)

D) Capacity Building Programme