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Roland Liemberger, a water and sanitation engineer with an MSc from the University of Vienna, began his professional career in 1985. As early as 1987 he decided to specialise on water distribution networks, specifically water loss reduction and network rehabilitation. Following this specialisation, he has been continuously working on projects in Developing Countries or in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union. Roland has developed wide-ranging experience in many aspects of water distribution network management and performance monitoring and improvement. For example:

  • Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Assessment
  • Water Audits, Performance Indicators, Benchmarking
  • Water Loss Reduction and Leakage Management
  • Improvement of Metering, Billing and Collection Efficiency
  • Pressure Reduction and Management
  • Investment Planning for Network Rehabilitation and Loss Reduction
  • Development of Private Sector Participation (PSP) Projects
  • Preparation of Performance Based NRW Reduction Projects

Roland is Vice Chair of the IWA Water Loss Task Force and a member of the AWWA Leak Detection & Water Accountability Committee. Roland has worked in Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA and Uzbekistan and has published a number of specialised papers. During the last 5 years Roland was heavily involved in developing and promoting the concept of performance based Non-Revenue Water reduction contracts. He has designed the implementation programme of the Selangor NRW Reduction Contract. Since 1996 Roland is engaged in the IWA Water Loss Task Force and was involved in the work on Performance Indicators which has lead to the IWA's Best Practice Manual.